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Welcome to my collection of production art from the 1996 anime series Kidoubutai Shinseiki Gundam X (Mobile Troops New Century Gundam X) which is an alternate timeline Gundam show, based on the AFTER WAR era. The gallery also holds the few other anime cels in my collection.

Some of you may be wondering, why 'Category F'? The name is derieved from GX and is in reference to those persons with non-Newtype powers. My biggest interest in this hobby happens to be the two brothers who fall under this "failure" category: Olba and Shagia Frost.

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy your visit!

News & Updates

7/27/2015I am no longer collecting and everything in my gallery is available. Send Feedback to inquire.
3/20/2006If you hadn't noticed by now, I do not collect much anymore. Unfortunately I haven't the funds to make new purchases, and in fact, have sold off most of my miscellaneous cels just to make ends meet. Oh, how I mourn the loss of my Weiss kreuz section. *weeps*
3/20/2004Category F now open.

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Gundam X - Frost brothers 3/21/2004
Gundam X - Olba Frost 5/25/2009
Gundam X - Shagia Frost 3/27/2004
Miscellaneous 8/27/2014

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